Scientific Journal Papers

Han Woo Park and Pieter E. Stek (2022) “Measuring Helix Interactions in the Context of Economic Development and Public Policies: From Triple to Quadruple and N-Tuple Helix vs. N-Tuple and Quadruple Helix to Triads ”, Triple Helix 9, pp 43-53.

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Scientific Book Chapters

Marina S. van Geenhuizen, Razieh Nejabat and Pieter E. Stek (2021) “Large Cities as the Cradle of Sustainable Energy Innovation” in A Broad View of Regional Science, Soushi Suzuki and Roberto Patuelli (Eds.), Singapore: Springer.

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Conference Papers

Pieter E. Stek and Marina S. van Geenhuizen (2017) “The Influencing Factors of Inventive Performance in Medical Technology Clusters”, 16th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation: “Innovation and Development in the Asian Century–Global Shifts in Technological Power”, 27-29 September, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Marina S. van Geenhuizen and Pieter E. Stek (2015) “Mapping innovation in the global photovoltaic industry: a bibliometric approach to cluster identification and analysis”, 55th Congress of the European Regional Science Association: “World Renaissance: Changing roles for people and places”, 25-28 August, Lisbon, Portugal.

Pieter E. Stek and Marina S. van Geenhuizen (2015) “The Influence of Global Knowledge Networks on the Innovation Performance of Photovoltaic Clusters”, XIII Triple Helix International Conference: “Academic-Industry-Government Triple Helix Model for Fast-Developing Countries”, 21-23 August, Beijing, China.

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Pieter E. Stek, Thessa Vasudhevan and Renato Lima-de-Oliveira (2023) “Malaysia’s New Voluntary Carbon Market: Origins, Ecosystem and ProspectsASB Center of Technology, Strategy and Sustainability Working Paper Series 09/2023. Kuala Lumpur: Asia School of Business.

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